OIDA visualisations combine images with messages. Together they have strong impact and we can obtain knowledge, wisdom, relief and very often – ideas. The images and messages are an outer incentive, which helps us to connect with something important deeper inside us. That is why, even if these images are not classical meditative practice, they are another means for meditation and reflection especially when we are excited about a certain topic or challenge.

How to use…

Regardless of how beautiful and interesting they seem, if you just go through the visualisations and look and read them quickly one after the other as a catalog they might influence you in a positive way, but will not give you profound effect.
We recommend you to choose one visualisation and spare 5 to 10 minutes a day the next 5-6 days and then move to the next visualisation. You can always contact us to request a free guided session to show you the process and after that practice yourself.


When choosing a visualisation, you may try some of the following things, combining or alternating them for several days:

  • Just look at the visualisation for 4-5 minutes and examine your thought. What are you thinking about? Where does it take you? Write these things down.
  • Read the message twice. Remember 2 examples of your life, which confirm the message and 2 examples, which are different or opposite to the statement.
  • Focus on the image only (without the text). Become acquainted with it. See as much colors and details as possible.
  • Look at the picture and think about all relations it has with the message. How do you connect the image with the message?
  • Spend 2-3 minutes to write down all associations that come freely to your mind in relation to the image or the message. Do not sanction the mind, it is important to be quick and spontaneous. At the end read your associations and see if there is a pattern or topic, which unites them. How does it relate to the given topic of the visualisation?
  • Write down your own message or note for the image. If you have made the previous point with the associations, this might help you, but it is not necessary to use them.
  • If possible hang the visualisation and your note on a visible place, where you cast your glance during the day.
  • • Be aware and observe your following days. Try to see how many connections, topics, confirmations, examples and signs appear, which are directly or indirectly related to the topic, visualisation, message or your note.

Some of the visualisations have also specific steps to follow and questions to answer, which together have very beneficial impact.

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