Petia Gieva

OIDA Psychotherapist

Certified Therapist, explorer of the consciousness and its potential for transforming spaces into empathy and love

Co-Founder of CoopAcademy, where she manages a place for communication and personal growth and development for children and parents. She plays with a bunch of kids at a Flying Classroon cooperative educational center, where she does her Green Academy for children. Fond of the alternative education, she leads many courses and qualifications for teachers on Reggio Emilia, Nature Pedagogic, Play Therapy and Hands-on Experience in play-based education. She works on a holistic methodology for working with children, based on the relation with Nature, values and natural art. She gives many seminars, lectures and courses on parenting skills as Conscious Parenting, LearnGrowLove, Nurture Love and many others.

She is inspired by expressive group therapy, art therapy and couching, poetry, yoga and meditation, contemporary art, old photography and small Rhodopean villages and grannies with lively eyes.

Enthused by healthy diet and bio dynamic agriculture, she studies Diet and Nutrition Couch at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY.

Disciple of Paramadvaiti Swami she explores the spiritual as a legitimate way of healing and growth. Coordinator of Conscious Psychologists Network for Bulgaria she develops OIDA Therapy Institute in Bulgaria.


Institute of Psychology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
Educational Psychology
Developmental Psychology


Expressive Art Therapy
Individual and Group Therapy
Play Therapy
Yoga Meditation
Cuentos – healing stories
now she studies Diet and Nutrition Couch at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY

Member of:

The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health,
Schools Co-operative Society (SCS),
Art Therapy Without Borders,
International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).

Desislava Baneva

OIDA Soul Life Coach & Art Therapist

Creator by heart and soul, best expressing myself through colorful whole

I love God, Nature, People and Art. They fulfill and inspire me. The OIDA mission and methodology inspire and connect me even more strongly with my personal dream goal: to help people connect with their spiritual integrity and authenticity and to live from the place of faith and love within. I support them on the way to the essence, self-love, awareness, discovery, learning and growth through soul life coaching and creative ateliers based on group work and art therapy practices.

I believe that to communicate and share sincerely is the priceless art in which we are the creators of beautiful spiritual relationships. OIDA Soul Life Coaching is a protected space for individual work, trust, communication and creativity. Together we create the picture of which you are the artist and the canvas is infinite space of your eternal faith, vivid talents and knowledge, colorful opportunity to live in the fulfilled and devoted to God, nature and humanity.

With the love and support of faithful partner I founded and co-created InSpiral. I design personal and social skills development programs and support personal growth and realisation of young leaders and teams through coaching, group and creative workshops. I work with companies, social and youth organisations and NGOs.

Paramadvaiti Swami is my spiritual teacher. He initiated me into OIDA therapy and perennial psychology and inspired me to work for OIDA Therapy Institute and dedicate myself to passing on knowledge, devotion, love and communion of the soul.


certified coach programs:
Art and Science of Coaching ‘, Erickson Colledge Canada;
Intunity Coaches, Bulgaria;
Eternal student at the University of Ancient Wisdom (UFAW – University for Ancient Wisdom)

Specializations, experience and interests:

Social psychology and group dynamics
Coaching and Mentoring
Communication and presentation skills; Intercultural Communication
Teams Motivation and Leadership; Creative thinking etc
Expressive Art Therapy
Improvisational theater
Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation
Vedic Art
Healthy vegetarian cooking and nutrition

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