Focus and topics in the Soul Life Coaching sessions

topics-focus-coachingAnyone who wants to develop can be a soul Life coaching client. In the coaching sessions can be considered all topics and situations from areas such as work, family, relationships, health. In every significant life change or transition, our confidence may be put to test. Questioned are our personal worth and value, who we are, what is our direction in life, meaning and purpose – some of the most common topics discussed.

Our meetings are so arranged as to inspire people to connect with your inner guide, your inner knowledge and wisdom. They are conducted with the utmost respect to knowledge, strength, experience, the person has and their way to connect to ancient spiritual traditions and practices. Together we are paving the path for purification from limited and negative beliefs, prejudices that block life and all kind of frameworks that move us away from our personal authenticity and nature. We believe and share the basic coaching principles that people are inherently whole, creative and have the necessary knowledge and resources to deal with a certain situation. The coach by listening, asking questions, change of perspective and other techniques only helps you to increase your awareness and find in yourself the most correct answers, solutions, ways and actions. If you have the desire and trust us, we can support you to also develop the spiritual awareness in your life. Through it you can gradually achieve the state a sense of wholeness and completeness. Our support and guidance are inspired by the timeless practices of ancient psychology (perennial psychology), the ancient mystical traditions, Eastern and Western traditions, scriptures, meditations and treatment, purification of chakras, holistic treatment and others.

During the sessions and between them we:

  • create a sacred space to strengthen the self from the inside out
  • discuss how you can recover and integrate daily spiritual practices
  • cultivate gratitude, compassion, higher guidance and support
  • work on the removal of restrictions and blockages in the faith
  • meet challenges and transitions in life as an opportunity for growth
  • restore the connection to the internal knowledge and act at the level of soul
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