Heart to Heart meetings

heart-to-heart-coachingAccording to the World Coaching Federation ICF, coaching is a process of partnership between coach and client work in progress (a series of meetings) that provokes reflection, creativity and commitment to change certain habits or specific tasks. The partnership connection, the manner of communication and the gradual small and big achievements inspire customers to increase their confidence and potential.

Our OIDA coaching is another application in which we completely follow the above description and international coaching competencies and standards. Specific for us is that we take a more spiritual approach to Life coaching and relate it with our mission to serve the people from heart to heart. So with the blessing of our spiritual teacher we call it OIDA Soul Life Coaching.

During the individual meetings we focus on the personal value and worth of people’s aspirations and their goals, inspiration, realizations and raised awareness that everything in human nature and life is an indivisible whole. We encourage and support people to accept that a more compassionate and empathic responsibility for their own life, to be more conscious about their health and happiness, to awaken their inner healer and leader. We want everyone to love life, at least as much as we love it and to discover their mission and relationship with the world.

To achieve this awareness in our daily lives we need to strengthen our relationship with our inner guide, the relationship with the sacred in our lives. We live in such a dynamic time that often our spiritual life, our soul remains neglected and hungry. This can cause us irritability, stress, anxiety, depression or protective sentiments. It is very likely to lose balance and helplessly surrender in the aftermath of our difficulties. Often this results and diseases.

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