Psychotherapist & Counselor

oida-consultingWe’ve  worked for the last years as a psychotherapists, counselors and coaches with a private practice.

Our initial session would be looking at ways of  working deeply on shifting any anxiety, balancing moods and strengthening inner core.

We offer practical tools and resources  tools in addressing the shifts you are seeking to create in your life circumstances. These tools include exercises and awareness practices that help improve communication, de-escalate relationship conflicts and calm your nervous system. This will help us support and empower you around shifting old patterns and stuck belief systems and creating long term change.

What is Long Term Healing?

Some of us may describe feeling a sense of healing when we’ve released something painful or difficult in our lives. But healing can also take place when we start to awaken our consciousness around our blindspots and blocks.  This is particularly true of areas we don’t like and try to push down.  We may try to ignore or repress our fears, jealousies, feelings of selfishness, resentment or revenge.  They may be operating in our lives unconsciously and come up as chronic relationship issues, physical symptoms or disturbing dreams.

When we consciously unfold the energy of these qualities we can start to discover where they may actually be useful in our lives.  This is part of integration and living from our wholeness. For example, if we find ourselves feeling bad about always feeling angry we may find releasing it as an energy helpful in feeling more in the flow, more relaxed or happy. But we may also need to learn how to unfold the energy of our anger and learn where it may be useful in our lives.  If we started to consciously access its passion, power, drive and dynamism, we may discover areas where this energy  could be more productive in our lives.

This is part of the law of the conservation of energy in physics, which says energy is not created or destroyed, but transformed. This is often a more useful viewpoint in long term healing than the notion of release.

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