Become an OIDA Therapy Activist or OIDA Peace Mediator

Once you decide to become and OIDA Therapy Activist or Peace Mediator, completing these requirements will enable you to effectively carry out your calling in the road to peace, beginning with finding peace within.

  1. Become qualified with basic or advanced OIDA therapist or mediator training certification. OIDA Institute will award you basic or advanced OIDA training certification upon completion of your educational plan.
  2. Study the OIDA Therapy Manual and complete the Reflective Journal.
  3. Develop a thesis discussing how Faith can mediate among people from different beliefs.
  4. Take the pledge to work for World Peace Therapy and continue to further your education and apply what you have learned.

Become an OIDA Therapy Ambassador for wisdom and peace

Are you ready to become an activist for healing and peace? This is the key for any progress, as we become more and more peace activists and ambassador of wisdom and love.

Peace will become more and more activated every time a person reduces meat consumption. Every time a person reduces her or his ecological footprint, it will give a more peaceful environment for the animal world and there would be more peace for our environment. Every time a person chooses to litigate their problems with the help of a mediator, rather than solving it by her or his own means, then there would be more peace in that local situation. Every time violence can be avoided it’s a step towards local and world peace, so activate yourself as ambassadors of peace and experience the joy of it.

Fulfill or realize your religious cravings or your idealistic goals by contributing to OIDA peace activism. Peace activism does not conflict with any truly religious feeling or any other ideology that has the well being of others as its concern.

OIDA Therapy may inspire you to become engaged in peace activism and on the other hand, it may cleanse some of the misconceptions which hinder people to fully embrace activism. At the end of the day, peace activism has to become your own ideological conviction and your fulfillment of religious cravings along with your tradition, if it is meant to have a permanent impact on your community.

OIDA Therapy is set of applications. It is a tool which is not restricted to any confession or ideology. It entirely depends on the individual’s conviction for its validity.

OIDA therapy trains people to apply cleansing strategies to individuals of any confession or any ideological and personal conviction. The OIDA Therapy peace proposal, which has been specially prepared for the difficulties that are nowadays arising in our world, due to a lack of communication in the relationships; also holds great value for individuals who want to progress and deepen their understanding of the faiths phenomena. We invite them to visit the OIDA Therapy webpage, where they can find many tools for self therapy, as well as connection to the different efforts that the OIDA Institute is making for helping people.

Volunteer in the OIDA Institute! Pledge to Work for OIDA Therapy World Peace and Ancient Wisdom

I pledge to actively work for World Peace and Ancient Wisdom concerning the following statements:

  • To promote the Rights of the Nature worldwide by signing it and by promoting it to others.
  • To avoid violence and damage to mother earth, promote physical and mental health, recommend healthy organic food and avoid monoagriculture and factory farming and their products.
  • To promote a healthy environment without chemical pollution of the soil and water.
  • To promote world peace through guardianship of Mother Earth, as a conscious consumer who tries to reduce her/his carbon footprint.
  • To promote musical and cultural events, which spread the seed of Mother Earth awareness.
  • To become a world citizen who promote world peace.
  • To speak against injustice towards minorities.
  • To protect the need for free clean drinking water worldwide.
  • To represent world peace activism on every platform possible.
  • To pray alone or with others for world peace.
  • To visit and promote organic gardens practicing permaculture.
  • To donate help and resources to world peace projects which inspire you like Navdanya, The World Conscious Pact, OIDA Therapy, UDSA, etc.
  • Start an event for world peace and thus become an OIDA World Peace Therapy Cultural Ambassador.
  • To promote a diet that saves our environment by reducing meat and diary consumption.
  • To promote volunteering to make others feel happy, such as visiting lonely old people, sick people, inmates, drug addicts, etc., to share enthusiasm and to learn about our human potentials to spread love.

Any OIDA World Peace Activist should do a minimum 8 hours of volunteering a month in places where she or he sees the greatest need and has the availability to visit. It is a contradiction to promote world peace and environmental care, while ignoring the terrible impact of meat industry and Amazon’s deforestation on our planet.

Donate for OIDA Therapy Research and Projects

Make a donation for the development of the OIDA Therapy Institute and the Network of Conscious Therapist worldwide, supporting our projects for healing, peace and wisdom. OIDA Therapy is a classical method of healing the humanity, based on the central idea of Perrenial Psychology, concerning faith and its spiritual dimension in life a legitimate path for healing.


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