Mother Mary Meditation

Mother Mary Meditation

829a5-mother-mary-graceful-holyMother Mary will help you with:

  • Love unconditionally
  • Feel connected
  • Heal your relationship
  • Create abundance
  • Follow your bliss


Roses are sacred to Mary, and for centuries, people have used rosary beads when praying to her. Prayer beads are common in many traditions and can be useful tool for focusing your attention. If you feel called to use them, do so. If not, simply ask Mary for her help and she will be there. She is the beloved Mother who is always nearby, at the edge of your reality, waiting for you to invite her closer.

Mother Mary as many names and has appeared in many forms to all of mankind. She is the ultimate symbol of divine love. Her capacity to love is beyond most humans’ ability to fathom. Her perfect love can cast out all of your fears and allow you to reach your highest potential. Her perfect unconditional love will allow you to let go of your limiting beliefs, including any beliefs you have about yourself and the world that cause you to reject the abundance life freely offers you. Mary will remind you that you are limitless being of light and that all of your limitations and all of your sufferings are caused by your belief in separation.

Mary will show you how to bring to fruition a life based on a divine connection and a profound knowledge of your oneness with everyone and to everything in the universe. She will teach you how to create heaven on earth by letting go of your old self-image and embracing God’s image of you instead. Her love is so unconditional and all-encompassing that she sees only the perfection in everyone and everything.

Open your heat and your mind to her. Ask for the willingness to completely surrender any believes you have about yourself, and see life from her perspective. Notice your judgments and ask Mary to help you see things differently. When you feel fear, ask her to feel you with love. Ask for her help with an open heart and an open mind.

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