Tara Meditation

Tara Meditation

taraTara will help you

  • Create love in your life
  • Stay protected from all harm
  • Bring fertility into your life in all areas
  • Overcome any obstacle
  • Have compassion for yourself and others


Tara is a powerful goddess with many faces. Her maim desire is to help you realize your own divine nature. Just call upon her, open your heart, and humbly ask for help. Tara is always just a thought away. You may feel growing warmth in your hands and feet as she embraces you.

The goddess Tara is honored in many traditions. She is the symbol of eternal love and light in the Hindu tradition. She is the Buddhist “goddess of compassion” who teaches the wisdom of non-attachment. Tara is so highly regarded she is said to be the mother of all the Buddhas. In Tibet she is the goddess of love, born from her mother’s tears of compassion for humanity’s suffering. Tara’s essential desire is to answer humans’ pleas for assistance. Tara is a Sanskrit word meaning “Star”.

Tara is known as “The Faithful One”. She is the loyal and fierce protector of her people. To this day, stories of her intervention and assistance are told by Tibetan refugees who fled the horrors of Chinese occupation.

Tara is the archetype of our own inner wisdom, she speaks of transformation of consciousness, a journey to freedom. There are many simple means for each person to discover within themselves the wisdom, compassion, and glory that is Tara.

Tara is worshiped in many forms, but the best known are the peaceful and compassionate ones. White Tara protects and brings health, long life, and peace. Green Tara brings fertility to the earth, overcomes obstacles and saves us from physical and spiritual danger.

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