Kwan Yin meditaion

Kwan Yin meditaion

Kwan_YinKwan Yin will help you:

  • release shame
  • activate compassion and kindness
  • become pregnant
  • connect with your femininity
  • transform your anger
  • experience joy
  • heal physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • embrace being vegetarian


Kwan Yin hears all prayers, so connecting with her is extremely easy. She often stands upon a lotus flower, so hold a flower and remember to connect with compassion. Once you understand your issue, you could say something like this:

“Kwan Yin help me to see my life through your loving eyes of compassion. May all areas of my life be embraced with your wisdom and grace and be transformed by your love. Guide me now and always ”

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion and loving-kindness whose name means “one who hears all cries of the world”. She holds a willow branch and sprinkles a divine nectar of life on all who come to her. In her other hand, she holds a vase from which she pours the healing waters of life. Kwan Yin is often depicted standing on a dragon which is an ancient symbol of spirituality, wisdom, strength and the power of transformation.

Kwan Yin is the goddess of mercy. Simply calling upon her with serenity and an open heart, you can experience rebirth and renewal. She is truly enlightened being who has vowed to stay on earth until all other being have achieved enlightenment. She is a virgin goddess who protects women and brings a child to a woman who desires one.

Depiction of Kwan Yin are always graceful, beautiful and human. She is the goddess who is appreciable by all. She radiates sweet, loving and gentle femininity that is filled with power and strength.


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