White Eagle Meditation

White Eagle Meditation

white-eagle-meditationWhite Eagle will help you:

  • See your perfection
  • Connect with your divinity
  • Release all of your limitations
  • Learn how to love unconditionally
  • Heal your body, mind and spirit


White Eagle often worked with the symbol of the water lily. A wonderful way to begin working with him is to visualize a water lily and think of it as your spiritual unfoldment. Create a mental picture of a beautiful garden. Walk trough the garden to the innermost sanctuary until you see a silent pool of still water that represents your spirit. Look into that water and see the true reflection of yourself, for the waters of the spirit never lie. Floating in the water is a pure white lily with a center of gold, symbolic of purity and divine intelligence. As you look at that flower, know the light of your spirit is transforming your entire life to reflect your true perfection.

White Eagle’s message is a familiar one. He knows that the only limitations that exist are the ones we place upon ourselves. He works in a very simple and profound manner reminding you as you develop your true nature, your spiritual light will radiate out into your life, blessing, healing and transforming your world. Letting your spiritual light radiate is like having a pair of wings. That light set you free and allows you to soar.

He sees only the spiritual perfection in everyone and in everything. Without that spiritual light, nothing exists. White Eagle shows you how to expand that connection.

White Eagle will help you heal your life and see your reality in a totally new light, one that is free of fear. His love will enfold you and make releasing your fear a fun and playful experience. His joy is infectious; he is a beautiful spirit filled with love and laughter. White Eagle’s healing begins with the simple and profound exercise of radiating the light of pure spirit throughout your entire being. By radiating this perfect light, you will be filled with a sense of comfort, joy and strength.

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