White Buffalo Woman Meditation

White Buffalo Woman Meditation

white-buffalo-womanWhite Buffalo Woman will help you:

  • Make even the most mundane activities sacred
  • Activate your sacred purpose
  • Heal anything
  • Create happiness, joy and ease
  • See the divine nature in everything


When you want White Buffalo Woman to work with you, begin on calling on the four directions of north, east, south, and west. Ask for their blessing and guidance. Face the rising sun and call upon her. She will enfold you in her arms. When each of us is born, the universe sings our sacred song. She will sing it for you, reminding you of your divinity.

White Buffalo Woman is a holy woman who taught people how to walk through life in a sacred manner. She will teach you how to live your life in harmony with everything which will fill you with a sense of peace and joy. When you move through life in a sacred manner, abundance, happiness and joy are sure to follow.

White Buffalo Woman has promised to help people until they no longer need her assistance. She sees the light of the Great Spirit in everything and in everyone. She put the divine spark of love in the first human being and continues to help it grow within each person. She will help you fan that spark of light into a brilliant flame that will illuminate your way, guiding you and directing you unerringly towards your freedom, happiness and joy.

She has the ability to touch the essence of who you are and activate your inner wisdom and illuminate your sacred life’s purpose. Once you align with that purpose, the entire world opens up to you. Ease becomes the cornerstone of your life and success unfolds before you. Ask for her assistance and be prepared to live in a sacred manner.


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