Pachamama meditation

Pachamama meditation

oida-divine-protectorsPachamama will help you:

  • Fully savor your life
  • Create blessing for yourself and others
  • Attract abundance
  • See the divinity in everything and everyone


Your connection with Pachamama can happen anywhere. It can happen in the middle of a city, in your backyard, or in the middle of the jungle. The only thing necessary is your willingness and desire to connect. Take a deep breath and feel the ground under your feet, give thanks for her presence, and ask for her guidance. Then take a few minutes each day to simply notice the world around you.

Pachamama is the great Earth goddess. She is seen as a huge dragon who lives beneath the mountains. Occasionally she quivers, and the earth shakes. She can send earthquakes to any place of the planet. The people see the mountains as her breasts and the rivers as the milk of her love. Pachamama is worshiped as the beauty of freshly tilled field. The people honour her with cornmeal and prayers before planting to ensure a good harvest. When people forget to honor her, she wakes them up with her earthquakes.

She is the goddess of fertility. Women perform daily rituals to honor her and guarantee they will have an adequate supply of food. Pachamama is the goddess of love and wants you to remember your divine nature. It saddens her to see people forgetting their connection and dependence on nature. Without fertile soil and clean water, you won’t have food to eat or water to drink. When was the last time you walked barefooted in the grass or stood out in the rain and gave thanks for the healing waters? Do you thank the Earth for supporting you? Do you feel your connection with the living entity called the Earth, or is the Earth just the lifeless planet you live on?

Pachamama invites you to connect and to remember. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, allow the wind to embrace you, and think about where that wind comes from. Next time you eat some food, allow yourself to see and to feel the stars and the moon with each bite. Think about all the people who made that meal possible, including nature and the farmer, and the drivers and the grocery clerks and the spirit of the food itself.

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