OIDArts: The divine faith and creativity relation

oidartsFaith should not be associated only with religion. In its own essence faith or spirituality includes the idea of ​​connectedness with the Divine that sustains us. Also, faith is developed in different contexts. For example, its relationship with the mystical, sacred and other values ​​such as respect for life, freedom, justice, etc. The real meaning of development and expression of faith in OIDA therapy is that it leads to the wellbeing of man and society and to building a life that would contribute to a better world.

In this regard OIDArts – the application of OIDA therapy in art – offers treatment, connection with self and the divine through creativity. Through art we can associate easier and stronger with faith. And art and faith are inner experiences that we revive us on every level. The aim is to have an active and responsible position in the world, consciously convey our ideals, experience of transformation and evolution. In other words, to live and act in life as if we constantly create beautiful artworks. Faith in the divine and faith in a better world are different aspects of the same phenomenon that gradually develop in us a true transformation and treatment.

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