OIDArts: Essence and application

oidarts-applicationThere is no strict parameters that qualify a practice or expression as OIDArts. The selected name focuses on faith as therapy, expression, motivation, inspiration, purpose and means.

OIDArts allows us to understand art as a means of expressing our feelings, emotions, moods and conditions that could difficultly occur in a rational way, or through a traditional language.

OIDArts a therapeutic application that anyone can give tangible form to all that formed his inner world. The most pleasant and surprising is that you as a participant in the creative process individual or group does not need to have any prior skills or inclinations in a given area of ​​art.

Creativity and creation are encouraging healing and motivation for our lives. They help us to get out of misery and controversial drama of the human condition and find relief, clarity, strength, and above all, happiness. Therefore, OIDArts provides a range of opportunities to express our inner state through modelling and evaluation of the beautiful and the sublime.

Historically, the concepts of beauty have proven to be volatile and dependent on many subjective factors. In addition, there is a lot of discussion about what art is and what is not, because the boundary between fine arts, crafts, and industrial production is foggy. Moreover, from the early 20th century works expressing ugliness disharmony and extremes, including grotesque, cruelty and repulsiveness, widened the scope of ‘art’.

As OIDA followers, we think that this aesthetic change in the direction of the contemporary art is to great extend a deception and contradiction, man facesas a result of the wars in addition to all the horror, anxiety, fears and pain that people experience the modern world.

Although the purpose of this writing is not to affect this complex and almost endless controversy within the aesthetics of art, it should be noted that art is above all a form of communication.

For this reason OIDArts includes any creative activity, practice or teaching, connected to the work that can be identified with one or more of the following objectives

* To encourage people for better citizenship, consistent with the behavioral norms that improve life in the community, based on respect for neighbors, environment and public resources.

* To increase the loving feelings towards other human beings.

* To increase our sense of responsibility to Mother Earth and to work for its protection and conservation.

* To motivate society to protect the vulnerable people who are being treated by using power unjustly, or to fight against the conditions of manipulation and improper exploitation of human beings.

* To promote the protection and the unity of both the individual and the universal family.

* To contribute to the improvement of our physical, mental and spiritual health.

* Тo seek the truth and love in the ancient mystical traditions with enthusiasm

* Trying to preserve the inherited cultural values ​​for the treatment and possess creative and positive consciousness.

*To express constructive feedback and analysis of the surrounding circumstances.

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