OIDArts Ateliers

OIDA-arts-atelieIn the OIDArts ateliers we always combine the internal and the external: our love and inspiration to communicate with people through art and the magic of the beautiful protected environment and harmonious space for work. “Inner Landscapes” is a series of workshops with focus on research and knowledge of our personal space, our inner landscapes … where we live our spirit, where we get inspiration, treatment, where we are able to celebrate the joy and find love as purpose of life.

The ateliers are suitable for anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge, curiosity about their inner beauty and authenticity, wants to connect with the spiritual and creative energy or merely experiences that specific sense: ‘Sometimes I see, feel and know things that I cannot describe or express in words’.

Classes include meditation, sharing, work on personal topics, solving problems or challenges through expressive art therapy practices and using creative materials. It is not necessary to have any knowledge or experience with artistic skills.

If you have a specific topic – you can connect with us to combine our energies and create a workshop for you and your group of colleagues, partners, friends.

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