OIDArts: Art for Devine Service


“When people have a goal – greater than their own ‘Self’, greater than “I” and ‘mine’ …then miracles happen …”

~ Stephen Covey

Benevolence of human beings is a reflection of the Supreme Creator. It is a gift that the soul can develop and realize the reason for its existence, as proposed in harmony with the divine love that created it. This is why art opens the door to a universe in which the soul can ascend.

OIDArts practices lead to amazing results that one can achieve by exercising their own creativity. With artistic activities, one can redirect their talents to transcendental goals as a process of treatment and at the same time achieve the highest purpose of art.

On the one hand, the mere fact that we take time for creativity suggests the enrichment of our lives especially when we feel that no other occupation could satisfy the longstanding needs of our existence.

On the other hand, expression in conscious art could be seen as a consequence of the joy and peace that we have, to touch the sacred and the higher values ​​of existence. Whether because of the spiritual life, the struggle for altruistic ideals or for the building of a coherent and harmonious life, there is a need and opportunity to express these experiences through art. The ultimate goal which man attains through the process of creation in time, is to develop love for the Supreme, other human beings and our environment.

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