OIDA Art Therapy Training Course

Time for self-care, connection and healing through art and faith


OIDA Art Therapy Training Course is a therapeutic process, based on OIDA Therapy, applied through art. It aims at healing the psychological and spiritual aspects of the participant, through the methodology of learning by experience. This means “construction, acquisition and discovery of new knowledge, skills and values, through experiences reflected in a systemic way”.
Like that OIDA Art Therapy Training Course creates a space that transforms what has been learned into living experience.

OIDA Art Therapy involves various creative and expressive activities as a tool for healing our faith and beliefs, so we can understand better our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intentions related to various aspects of our lives. In this way we can get reconnected with our personal needs and be more caring for the people and environment around us, establishing and strengthening a relationship with The Divine and divinity.

This course will help us acquire new knowledge, skills and values by opening a possibility for experience, a time for reflection and understanding of faith in a new level.

The main goals of the therapeutic process in OIDA Art are:

  • To propose a process for the development of faith and belief system in different aspects of life (partnership, family, relationship with Mother Earth, the personal mission in life, service, etc.)
  • To give participants the opportunity for personal development and strengthening relationship with The Divine and the divinity.
  • As a result of the healthy relationship with the spiritual the participant is able to transform the relationship with his/ her personal self, with other people and with the environment.
  • In this way the participant obtains a satisfactory level of well-being in all aspects of life, following the mission of his life and developing consciousness and universal love.

Topics in OIDA Art Therapy Training Course

OIDA Art Therapy Training Course is a therapeutic process and ascending spiral movement. The topics listed here are part of the first level to learning: OIDA Art Practice. There are 4 levels: Practitioner, Mentor, Coach and Master. Contact us if you have interest in the overall certification program.

  1. Freedom and misconceptions in society
  2. Obstacles in the therapeutic process
  3. Analysis of faith
  4. Dimensions of consciousness
  5. Levels of intentions
  6. Individual consciousness
  7. Universal family and divinity
  8. Healthy relationships
  9. Universal love
  10. The healing circle
  11. The art of gratitude, purity and compassion.
  12. Mother Earth
  13. Activism and Art
  14. Mystical traditions
  15. Transcendental art
  16. The Inteligent model. Mission of life
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