OIDA Retreats

OIDA Therapy Retreats

OIDA Retreats are visits of places that allow us to carry out our spiritual practices in community. These retreats are designed to facilitate our discovering and developing a relationship with our inner sanctuary, the intimate, safe space within each one of us where we can go to increase our self-awareness and for inner exploration. A team of OIDA Advisors accompanies and guides our inner journey to assist us in connecting with our transcendental dimension of consciousness.

The locations of these retreats are chosen because they are true sanctuaries or pilgrimage sites extremely favorable for our transformation because the ancient, mystical traditions are still strongly present in their entire splendor. This atmosphere allows us to have sublime, life-changing experiences by means of the path of faith and specific processes which afford us the living experience of Universal Love.

OIDA Retreats are a way to feel the love we all need, thanks to the open, natural communication and sharing from the heart in places created as mystical refuges. Just being in such special places, which transmit and conserve ancestral wisdom, makes it easy for us to connect with the inner self, awaken to true understanding through direct experience, and experience our faith in the Supreme.

The essence of an OIDA Retreats is to seek contact with our own souls through our inner compass which orients us towards finding the meaning of our lives and the strengthening and refinement of our capacity for acceptance and discrimination. It is also an opportunity to recognize all the possibilities we have, to share with our fellows and to reflect deeply upon the treasures we have received.

Also, OIDA Retreats offer us the ideal time and space to start practicing certain disciplines, which promote our wellbeing. OIDA Therapy especially recommends art therapy (OIDArts), prayer and meditation, various natural therapies and the use of OIDA’s therapeutic questionnaires for self-awareness and self-development plus you will enjoy food which does not harm either other living beings or your own health and which has been previously offered to the Divine.

On these retreats you may learn about different ecological subjects such as organic gardening. One marvelous exercise, designed to help us understand essential life situations, is to watch a seed that we have planted sprout. Caring for this young plant as it grows and protecting it from weeds is a practical lesson in how to guard our faith against bad influences.

Through all of the above activities, OIDA Retreats create an ideal space to face how self-centered and inconsiderate we are of others and, consequently, how far we are from the peace and happiness experienced by a healthy person. These retreats motivate us to make a crucial reevaluation of all those beliefs and attitudes that originate in an excessively selfish and complacent life style. It demonstrates that we do not control the great flow of life, although we are responsible for our decisions and their consequences.


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