Buddha Meditation

buddhaBuddha will help you:

  • Quiet your mind
  • See the truth
  • Release your limiting beliefs
  • Experience compassion and love


Buddha is always at the edge of your reality waiting to be of assistance. Spend time in meditation, quieting your mind and asking for Buddha’s guidance. Listen carefully for the gentle whispers. Tuning into your spiritual nature takes practice, so meditate often. As with all spiritual practices, the more you practice the more you will get at it.

Buddha is the Sanskrit word for “awakened”. The most widely known Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama. Yet the term Buddha, does not refer to any one individual, but rather to any human who has become enlightened. A Buddha is a person who sees life as it really is. He or she has awakened form the illusion most people live within. Buddhas reveal the path to bliss and show people how to connect with their Buddha nature.

Due to the heightened awareness of consciousness, a Buddha sees the past, present and future simultaneously and with neutrality, clarity and great compassion. A Buddha embraces all beings with intense unconditional love. When given Buddha’s blessing, animals become more peaceful. A Buddha is also deeply connected to his or her divine self that a Buddha responds from endless virtue. Just as the moon shines without effort, a Buddha acts naturally from loving compassion, without the confusion of undisciplined thought. A life based on loving kindness and service flows from your divine nature.

For a Buddha, the trained mind is a wonderful tool instead of an incessant taskmaster. By quieting the mind, a Buddha sees life with loving compassion and is free of judgment. Enlightened beings delight in working with individuals as teachers and spirit guides. Buddhas are ordinary people who show each of us how to achieve the absolute bliss. They can help awaken the path to the spiritual nature within all of us. Through practice, you will also become an emissary of loving kindness in the world.

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