Spirit Guides and Divine Helpers


This is a tiny glimpse into the world of angels, saints, masters, gods, goddesses and deities. Availing yourself to their wisdom and knowledge can be an exciting process, improving the quality of your life and facilitate your spiritual exploration and healing. Their love and wisdom is always available to you – all you had to do is ask.

Make these angels, saints, masters, gods, goddesses and deities your friends. Talk to them, ask them for help, and allow them to join you as you journey through life, moving toward grater freedom, joy and love. They are certainly more than willing to help.

Just as a trip around the world changes a person, your life can be transformed by these being from all around the world. Here we have just a small fraction of those that are available to you. If a certain god or goddess resonates with you, explore that particular tradition in greater depth.

How to use it

Simply when you feel compelled browse though the meditations at your own leisure. No doubt you will be inspired of what you read. Alternatively if you have a specific concern you look for help in the categories, to find several potential helpers. Work with them on regular basis. Begin by spending a few minutes each day tuning in, meditate on them and find out how your life could be easily transformed. As you begin to focus your attention on the angels, saints, masters, gods, goddesses and deities, you will find that those entities have always been there, just at the edge of your reality, waiting for you to invite them into your life. Listen for their gentle whispers, create a ceremony or ritual as a sacred act of connection. Light a candle, say a prayer, or create an altar, a sacred space in your home. Decide what feels right to you and do it. Follow your heart and listen to your inner wisdom.

Let the gods guide you. May you feel their presence and all the love and guidance that always surround you, and may your life be filled with miracles.

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