What is prayer?

To keep our faith means to stay in contact with grace. Therefore, health is a state of freedom and well-being of the soul. Prayer is the principal medicine.

This therapy is part of every mystical tradition because the words that are directed to the divine in the form of a cosmic and universal supplication demonstrate our need for help.

Without a doubt, prayer is the way to awaken our faith in the fact that there is something higher which is aware of our existence and ready to help us.

At the same time, prayer is a process by which we can open up communication with our inner guide.


Prayer benefits us enormously because it gives us access to a fuller dimension of healthy faith. For example, when you have seen the universal form revealed, then you can see the divine in the rivers, the mountains, the trees and in all aspects of creation. This makes us more inclined toward Universal Love and the development of a type of faith that leaves us very satisfied.

Prayer also reduces anxiety because praying means we are accepting that the Supreme Lord is the controller of everything. Setting aside our tendency to control automatically reduces anxiety. Therefore, prayer has a positive effect on our spirit because simply invoking the force of love to make ourselves an instrument of it reduces the chance of harboring feelings of anger, resentment and so on.

Prayer leads to an awakening of our interest in being occupied with a transcendental task. As we deepen our practice, we will arrive at the principal prayer of love, which is:

“Oh my Lord, I have stayed away from you for a long time. Now please use me in Your loving service to humanity.”

By asking to be used in service we are making a change in our egotistical mentality, which had given rise only to feelings of loneliness, existential emptiness and deep sadness. Since the feeling of personal uselessness contributes to low self-esteem or a poor self-concept, the result is a state of low spirits. All this happens because of the absence of a transcendental goal to aim for in life. In this sense, prayer has a preventive effect. In those who pray, these upsetting feelings do not appear or grow. Prayer also improves our social environment. With the gradual development of a natural willingness to be of use to others, our environment becomes favorable in response to our generous attitude.


You can say this prayer once or more a day, putting your mind on the intention of this universal supplication:

Oh my Lord, please make me an instrument of Your love. Oh my Lord, please guide me so I can find the way to You. Oh my Lord, I want to offer myself to You so I ask You to protect me from everything that would keep me away from You.

Next, we will present some prayers, which show us what our mental attitude should be, since this is the way to get a quick and positive response in our meditations. Since every mystical tradition has its own prayers, we will give just a few examples.

Oh Lord, Creator and Maintainer of all beings! Oh Divine Mother of devotion and faith! Please grant Your grace to us, Your sons and daughters, through Your universal form which sustains everything as Mother Earth. You are also all the elements and Your illumined energies are present throughout all the material and spiritual kingdoms.

Please grant us faith so we may relate to one another with affection and a tender all-embracing love.

Please allow all souls to have the shelter of Your divine love and favor. Please give us the love to forgive and to be humble. Give us Your service as our guiding star. Allow us to find faith and love in the different traditions, which seek You. Permit us to heal our evils so we may become Your trusted children and so we may serve Your universal family where we want to find ourselves in our life.

Oh Lord of time and space! Please heal us from our confusion and disturbances and show us the way that leads to You.

My Divine Lord… (Say the name you prefer for the Supreme Being)

People look for You all over the world. They sing Your glories in different ways and build beautiful temples to You. They read holy books which teach them about You and they visit sanctuaries that have a connection to You. I know that without Your grace there is no hope. Please help me to cleanse my shattered heart because this world of hypocrisy and violence is torturing me. Allow me to be part of Your divine plan, and allow divine faith to help me see You everywhere in such a way that I can think of You right up to my very last moments.

I have offended ceaselessly, causing suffering to human beings and to animals. I have ruined my health and my brain, driving myself crazy trying to enjoy myself. I have broken my word thousands of times and, because of that, I think this is okay. Oh Lord of the fallen! Please come to me and let me take refuge at Your sacred feet. Shower me with Your causeless mercy. Let me serve Your will with a smile on my lips. This faith will guide me and I will share it with everyone so they may also come close to You.

Prayer is the principal medicine which, in the form of supplication, opens the way for awakening our faith that there is something higher which is aware of our existence and wants to help us.

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