Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Often people think that meditation is to free your mind of all thoughts and to be in peace and bliss and that it is possible to achieve only by a transcendental yogi. But indeed yogis say that in our dynamic lifestyle, we cannot have a really free mind. Yoga teachers advise us if we are beginners, not to attempt to meditate on our own but to listen to live or recorded guided meditations from authentic sources that can help us develop the skill of awareness, introspection and one-pointedness of thought. If you just want to relax and rest, you can then can listen to a guided relaxation. The method of visualizations is often used in meditation and relaxation – a combination of our imagination and inner and outer vision associated with intuition and the subconscious.

* Contact us if you would like to provide you with free audio recordings of authentic yoga meditations.

Guided OIDA meditations

We create and use OIDA meditations in some of our coaching and therapy sessions and creative workshops. We always connect them to the purpose and particular topic. We mainly guide through visualisation as a great way to relax and point to the inner world where people connect with their faith, strength, knowledge, resources, creativity.

Meditations on specific topic help not only to deal with a problem or burden, but also to purify from layers of conscious and subconscious patterns of the past that affect the way you feel, think, speak and act in present. We recommend a meditation to be practiced with repetition for 5-7 days, then to choose another one.

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