OIDA Meditations

Why meditation is helpful?

Peace, bliss, harmony. We all strive for these states, however, we often struggle with our own minds when we try to reach them. Affected by the thousands conditions of everyday life and overburdened by social pressure and influences, we are full of mental tensions like anxiety, nervousness, guilt, lack of self-confidence, solitude, fear, obsessions, etc.

We all search for change and little relief from our conflicts and inner fights. We desire to be calm and if not in bliss, then at least to be in peace and feel joy. Furthermore we all need security, protection and superior wisdom, sign or guidance especially in significant and difficult moments. Often people follow their intuition and start different sports, hobbies, entertainments, courses, therapy, consultations, and others. There are various ways and forms, which can help. All OIDA applications also contribute for this: OIDArts, OIDA Soul Life Coaching, OIDA Psychotherapy, Health… The helpful methods of meditation are of significant importance.

Meditation gives us the possibility to purify ourselves from undesirable thoughts and stress. It is a means of purifying the mind and connecting to our inner voice, guide or resources. Once we start to release the mental tensions, we could experience and feel a flow of energy and inspiration and our life would take new dimension and expression. Similarly to how we clean our rooms and physical body every day, it is recommended to develop the habit to purify our mind every day so that we prevent the accumulation of “mental slag or garbage”. You can achieve such results with consistent and regular practice of meditation.

Due to their proven positive effect, meditative practices are increasingly applied in psychotherapy, coaching, group work and even in therapies related to physical health and more.OIDA meditations are divided into four types according to the area they help most and respectively their methods of practice differentiate. They are not just classical type of meditations, they carry a combination of our intuition, artistic strives, love and vivid energy, because we create some of them on our own and then practise and experience them in our private or group workshops and ateliers.


Spirit Guides and Divine Helpers

Guided Meditations

Meditation Prayers

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