Nurture Love

nurturelove - artwork by Catrin Welz-SteinNurtureLove is a program for harmonization of our whole integrated personality.

Our blood and hormones are sea water and volcano ashes in their essence.

Our skin has the same chemicals as a tilia leaf or a wing of a dragonfly.

We are one with Nature. We belong to Her.

NurtureLove is a special program for harmonization and empowerment for a healthy and conscious lifestyle in three dimensions:

*NurtureLove in your Body

It includes easy and deep yoga classes, and many ideas for conscious nutrition. Our body has an intuitive wisdom and memory, which, when being activated, can bring us the gifts of health, beauty and harmony in our life.

* NurtureLove in your Mind

Here we share knowledge of conscious consuming – how to make conscious decisions and choices (shopping, nutrition, cosmetics, hygiene) taking care of Nature. As we are living detached from our roots, we are getting further from our natural environment. We forget our connection with the Mother we all share, and substitute the garden with the supermarket, fruits and veggies – with the supplements, the walk in the forest – with tv. We are getting more and more tangled in the dangerous idea that consuming brings happiness, loosing connection with our true self and bringing harm. Here we put things back on their natural places, giving practical advises how to do that while taking care of Nature and our true self.

*Nurture Love in your Soul

Everyone of us has a huge potential for growth and change. But everything starts from within. When we find our true self, we transform our concepts and values, relations with others, we find our mission, direction, and service in life. Then we take our natural position of ambassadors of harmony, instruments of Love.

Join us! Share the exciting journey to the Essence!

OIDA Therapy Institute holds many meetings, courses, art therapy sessions or ateliers and many more where you can join. For more information subscribe to our newsletter or follow our events HERE.


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