Swami B.A. ParamadvaitiUlrich Harlan, also known as Paramadvai Swami, the author of OIDA Therapy, was born in the German city of Osterkappein in 1953 to parents who were both professional educators. He has studied under the guidance of the renowned spiritual master Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada since the age of seventeen.

He received a broad, humanistic education in the arts, religion and political science. As a young man motivated by the altruistic goal of creating wellbeing for all human beings, he participated in the various social movements of the 1970’s. Later, he intensified his search for a way to bring about a more radical change in himself and in the social conditions of his time. He explored the great questions of what it means to be a human being in different social and cultural circles. He eventually found satisfactory answers in the traditional wisdom of Yoga.

He has had a global impact on the development of consciousness and spirituality through the publication of notable works such as his Collection of Vedic Wisdom. His social activism includes the creation of the Harmony School of Conscious Art, which has presented numerous musical works, films and theatre pieces. He is also the founder of the Spoon Revolution, an alliance of hundreds of activists whose focus is love and gratitude to and protection of our Mother Earth, who sustains us in every way. The Spoon Revolution also promotes a vegetarian diet as a way to show care and respect for the lives of animals.

Swami Paramadvaiti offers OIDA Therapy to the world after thirty-five years of anthropological and philosophical research conducted in more than twenty‐five countries as well as its successful application in the lives of thousands of people. These are people the world over who have transformed their suffering and confusion into happiness and physical, psychological and spiritual health through the practical application of the methods of OIDA Therapy.

The author develops the concepts of OIDA Therapy within the parameters of Perennial Psychology, an approach which has as its principal objective that all human beings can become happy, balanced, loving and healthy through encountering our “healing faith”. The dynamic and universal character of his proposal reflects his dynamic life and spiritual realization. He promotes unity in the midst of religious diversity in a spirit of harmony with love and respect for all as his unifying thread. OIDA Therapy promotes the cultivation of faith as a way of opening up new realities and new possibilities within the phenomena of faith and diverse mystical traditions.

Swami Paramadvaiti created the House of Wisdom Foundation in 2001 with the explicit intention of promoting universal love. The foundation has headquarters in close to thirty different countries where it carries out a wide variety of altruistic projects to promote human and social welfare and to establish OIDA Therapy as a tool for healing through faith.

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