OIDA Therapy can be practically applied in three modes:

• Self-therapy (st)
• Group therapy (grt)
• Guided OIDA Therapy (guot)

1. Development of therapeutic/diagnostic questionnaires (st, grt, guot)

The questionnaires of OIDA Therapy permit us to increase our self-esteem and be inspired to transform our lives.

2. Meditation on therapeutic diagrams (st, grt, guot)

The OIDA Therapy diagrams help us to understand how to apply different therapeutic concepts to different situations, even in the different mystical traditions.

3. OIDA Therapy Meditations (st, grt, guot)

The OTMs are OIDA Therapy’s healing tools that help us to reestablish and strengthen our faith.

4. Prayer (st, grt, guot)

Prayer is the principal medicine which, in the form of supplication, opens the way for awakening our faith that there is something higher which is aware of our existence and wants to help us.

5. Contact with our inner guide (st, grt, guot)

To have contact with our inner guide consists of strengthening the connection with Him, meditating, praying, and holding on to our pure, grateful and compassionate intention to hear His guide and advice.

6. Study of our faith and of the different mystical traditions (st, grt, guot)

The study of our faith and of the mystical traditions permits us to identify the state of faith and its affinity with our mystical tradition, thus strengthening our connection or allowing us to choose another.

7. Healthy Diet (st, grt, guot)

Healthy eating starts with a lacto-vegetarian or vegan diet based on organic foods that lead to the realization of compassion and Universal Love.

8. OIDArts (st, grt, guot)

OIDArts give us another possibility to fulfill what life asks of us: to serve others in the innumerable ways that will be available after we transform our inner selves.

9. OIDA Tours (st, grt, guot)

OIDA Tours are ecological and/or spiritual journeys to places where you can establish a connection to the wonders of Mother Nature or some mystical tradition. These tours provide spaces for healing.

10. OIDA Therapy Meetings (grt)

OIDA Therapy meetings are an opportunity to make a personal exploration of our beliefs and the type of values we are following. We can also listen to others tell their stories or talk about the concepts of faith they have experienced.

11. 12 Step Program (st, grt, guot)

The Twelve Step Program is one of the most well-known and successful methods for controlling addictions and other kinds of dependencies or unhealthy habits in which faith is the central, fundamental idea for treating these problems.

12. Therapeutic Questionnaire – True or False? (st, grt, guot)

The therapeutic questionnaire consists of a series of questions for reflection about the way we have been influenced by the education we have received for the purpose of identifying the values we hold about life and those we find weak.

13. Participating in Inter-Religious Dialogue (grt)

Inter-religious dialogue creates a common context for the different faith traditions. It is a space that promotes individual responsibility and harmonious, respectful relations with all living beings within the context of Universal Love.

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